Tags Disappeared


Hi all

I'm having a problem with MP3tag. It is not diplaying the tag info for any mp3 file. When I look at the same file with windows explorer the tag info is there. The problem started about a week ago. I was using v2.47 and have upgraded to v2.48, but the problem persists.

Any thoughts?


Look under Tools>Options>Tag>Mpeg and check all the boxes under "read" and see what that does.

If that doesn't fix things, then select your files and then right click, and hit "extended tags" to see what pops up.

If you see nothing after that, make a temp copy of your files and delete and undo the deletion of all tags in your temp copy of the files (to see if you have corrupt tags). The undo will rewrite whatever Mp3tag found based on your remove and write settings. For different remove and undo attempts, play around with the remove and write options at the same place you found the read options and see if different write settings work. Most people write to ID3v2 and select ID3v2.3 utf-16.

Once you've recovered or restored your tags, I suggest you try to figure out how they got hosed to prevent it from happening again. Windows Media Player can get very aggressive in re-writing your tags without your explicit consent or knowledge, Foobar seetings can sometimes change as you upgrade and perhaps write tags in a different format than what you set up in the past, and iTunes can sometimes write tags in a manner you don't expect.

good luck


Thanks rungumprun for the suggestions.

All the read boxes are checked. The only extended tags field are related to mp3gain. Removing and undo remove had no effect as well.

I don't use WMP or Foobar and iTunes doesn't have acess to my mp3 libaray.

I tested a few mp3's a flash stick on a diffrent computer with v2.45 installed with the same result- no tag info.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.


So when you look at extended tags, you only see mp3gain-specific tags, and in that same extended tag view you don't see the tags you see in Windows Explorer?

If you can see something of what you want in Windows Explorer, it still strikes me as a form of corruption. In such cases, I usually try Foobar. Again with a duplicate copy to experiment, with just the standard Foobar config (just install and go with default settings), select a file, right click, and try utilities>fix VBR mp3 header, Rebuild Mp3 stream, and Verify integrity to see what you get in Mp3tag.

If that doesn't work I suggest you google for a free hex reader/editor, install it, and post some pics of what it shows on the right side of a file you view in the hex reader.

Some insight into what change in your system or how you used the files that may correlate to when you saw the change might help trigger more ideas, as well all the applications you used to play songs and what you use to process and tag your files that you think you used between the last time things looked OK in Mp3tag and when they didn't.


Uncheck the APE box. When that box is checked you're seeing the APE tag only.


Learn something new every day - I didn't know that, and it's not intuitive from the setup screen.

After searching here, it seems the tag read priority is APEv2 > ID3v2 > ID3v1. So if an APEv2 tag is present but empty, it will be preferred over an ID3v2 tag and thus display blanks. If there is no Apev2 tag, then it will proceed to display the next priority tag if the file is flagged to have such tags, even if such tags are empty.

Therefore it seems safest to click one read box at a time and see what you get each time. I also suggest adding a display column for %_tag% to see what it reveals.

Sorry for the confusion.


Damm Apes!!! Yes, unchecking the APE box fixed the issue. A 1000 Thanks You's


See there:
Avoid using MP3Gain.
Better let foobar 2000 non destructive calculate the ReplayGain values.

If you want to stay with MP3Gain, then use it with the commandline option

/s i - use ID3v2 tag for MP3 gain info

... and check it out whether it helps to be compatible.



If I have any credibility left after not knowing of the tag read priority, I strongly agree with Detlev's advice. Foobar provides the most reliable Replaygain tags of any application widely available today, without modifying your actual song data. I'd undo the Mp3gain modifications, then use Foobar. I recommend you select a tag writing format within Foobar that is most compatible with other applications (File>Preferences>Advanced>Tagging>mp3>ID3v2 revision and quirks>write ID2v2.3 tags)