Tags display concept - for [a gamepad] remote control

I have been using for years now a certain gamepad with buttons mapped to Winamp, with the latter one being my go-to audio player. It allows me to control my playback whatever I am doing on my PC. Very useful indeed

But recently I bought a new pad, as the old one might die. And this one can be expanded with a holder for a phone like theese two here: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/715M%2BY9-kmL.SL1500.jpg, https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/233707872182_/Handy-Controller-Halterung-Smartphone-Gamepad-Joystick-Halter-für.jpg

And so I thought to myself: if I bought some kind of small / miniature screen, communicate it in a wireless way with Windows 10 and tell the controlling software to display tags from Winamp, I could turn off my big monitor- and still know what I am listening too. Alternatively I could use some other audio player; or sticking to Winamp I would have too select an area on the big screen [showing the Winamp window] to be copied to that small one [because this would also show me my tags]. And no: I cannot use a smartphone as the screen has to be an ordinary one and not a touchscreen; unless the controlling application could turn of the touch feature of the smartphone screen with some unfailing locking mechanism. [Never mind why I have a profound need to be sure to not accidentally do anything while touching the screen]

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

well, if programming is an option for you, you can write an own application using winamp api....
but I think the most easy way for you is an connecting an additional little (10'' 12'') usb monitor (800x600) to your pc and move winamp on it. You can find such devices on amazon :slight_smile:

Well I am not a programmer

Although using a mini-sreen would be an option because I could select the proper area on the screen to be shown on the small mini-monitor. Unfortunately it seems that even the smallest ones are too big to fit in in the clips that some manufacturer sold for theirs gamepads. But that could be "overcome" by just placing the screen somewhere- because after all it would require a cable for connection with PC. Although I would rather have some kind of wireless communication between the monitor and PC, by the means of third party receiver

But it seems that I cannot find a wireless gamepad other than Logitech F710 that can have its buttons mapped. For example 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ only allows for reworking of theirs placement [X is Y , Y is left left etc.] thus not having what I need [X is CTRL + N, Y is Escape key etc.]

well, no, usb displays - same as using an hdmi display on an usb hdmi adapter - are working like an own graphics card with connected monitor, you can expand desktop on it and move application to that expanded desktop area.
It's not area (mirror) of main screen, you can use as an additional screen.

For example I'm using an laptop here, connected one additional screen over hdmi and another over an usb htdmi adapter. working even resolution differ to laptop screen cause I'v expanded my desktop.

There are wireless hdmi systems available.
You could buildup something like that

PCHDMI -> HDMI Wireless ) ) ) HDMI Wireless -> Monitor
PCUSB -> USB-HDMI -> HDMI Wireless ) ) ) HDMI Wireless -> Monitor

But I would prefer an cable anyway.

btw: I remember there was a software which enables you to use an android device (e.g. tablet) as additional monitor for your pc. I don't know the name any more but sure google will find actual solutions for that.
-> simplified wifi monitor