Tags don't show up in Windows XP Explorer


I've just started using MP3Tag V2.36a to try to clean up my messy MP3 tags.

So far it's working pretty well, but I have one problem.

Some of the "Artist" & "Title" tags that display in MP3Tag, don't also display in the Windows Explorer "Artist" & "Title" columns. They just display as blank fields.

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition.

Any ideas on how to get those tags to show up in Windows Explorer?

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In Mp3tag look at the Tag column for some of the files. If it says ID3v2.4 (ID3v2.4) they won't show up in Windows Explorer because Windows Explorer doesn't support ID3v2.4 tags, just ID3v2.3 and ID3v1.

In Mp3tag Options > Tags > Mpeg make sure under "Write" the box "ID3v2" is checked and underneath "ID3v2.3 UTF-16". Then when you save the tags it will convert ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3.

You should also update to the latest version of Mp3tag which is 2.49.

Thanks, stanman, for your speedy response to my query!

Per your suggestion I've updated to Mp3tag which is 2.49

But I can't find a column labeled "Tag." :frowning:

Here are the columns I have available to me under "Adjust visibility of the columns":

Filename Artist Title Bitrate Length Modified Year Genre Comment Codec Path Track Album Frequency

Ok, go to View > Customize Column and click on "New".

In the "Name" box put Tag

And in the "Value" box put %_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]

I'm not sure why that one wasn't in there, it's usually there by default.

I had this issue and I resolved it in itunes actually, if you have it installed then, select all your music > right click > convert ID3 tags > V2.3. Only a suggestion, proceed at your own risk :stuck_out_tongue:

Good advice, but a little bit overkill !

Mp3tag can do it also quite easily (without installing iTunes)

Thanks, stanman! That did the trick!

Could it have been because I installed version 2.49 over the top of my old MP3Tag installation without first removing the old installation?

Only if you have hidden / deleted the column definition in the old installation.


I'm running v2.49 under 64-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1, and I'm having this problem. I have an album where the track information is shown perfectly in MP3Tag, but in Windows Explorer only the tag info for the first file is shown, the other files showing as having no Tag info. In Mp3Tag all the files show 'ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3x2.3)' in the Tag column, and all the other Tag data seems fine and consistent.

I've got the options settings as shown above.

Any ideas?

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