Tags for AVI Video Files?

Recently, I purchased a Sansa Fuze and I found a way to convert ".mp4" files to ".avi" files but, I noticed that the ".mp4" tags are not carried over to the ".avi" file with the converter that I am using.

Then, I found an XP application called "abcAVI Tag Editor" and that has allowed me to create and edit tags on the ".avi" files that I created from my ".mp4" files.

The Sansa Fuze does not seem to recognize the tags created in the ".avi" files but
the tags are being recognized using WinAmp.

I tried to use "Mp3Tag" to see if it would recognize these tags that were created with "abcAVI Tag Editor" but it did not seem to see the tags that WinAmp is able to see?

My question is, does "Mp3Tag" work with ".avi" files that were tagged by "abcAVI Tag Editor"?
If they aren't recognized today, will "Mp3Tag" ever be able to recognize them?

Even though my Sansa Fuze doesn't seem to recognize the tags, I would tag them all if I new that Mp3Tag would eventually be able to see them.

Thanx for any help


MP3tag is a program to tag a number audio file formats. It does not tag video or pictures.

AVI, I think, is a video format, right?
Are you sure that the tags are stored in the AVI files?
I thought that AVI files do not have tags like BMP or WAV.
(No, please do not answer to the last remark).
If you have found a program that does the job, enjoy.

Mp3Tag might have been designed as a program to just tag audio file formats,
but it does also seem to work for certain video formats.

I have downloaded several ".mp4" videos from YouTube and
if I open them (".mp4") up with Mp3Tag, I can see the tag information for the video ".mp4" file.

To review what I am seeing,

#1) I can download a video file (".mp4") from YouTube that has tags built in.
#2) Winamp can see these tags in the video (".mp4") file.
#3) Mp3Tag can see these tags in the video(".mp4") file.
#4) I use "video4fuze" application to convert to an acceptable video (".avi") format for the Sansa Fuze.
#5) After the conversion, all tag information is lost and neither Winamp or Mp3Tag sees anything.
#6) I use a tagging application called "abcAVI Tag Editor" to update the ".avi" with tags.
#7) At this point, Winamp can see the tag information in the ".avi" but Mp3Tag cannot see the tags.

This leads me to believe that "abcAVI Tag Editor" is not working correctly,
since Mp3Tag cannot see the tags (even though WinAmp can see the tags).

My question is, Mp3Tag can read tags in ".mp4" video files that I have downloaded from YouTube,
will it ever be able to read tags in ".avi" video files?



There are different tagging systems in the court.

The informations from the developer of abcAVI Tag Editor, Alexander Sorkin, on this webpage ...
... might be useful for Florian Heidenreich, the developer of Mp3tag.

Alexander Sorkin provides a free DLL for reading/writing AVI tags (Extended INFO tags).

In the meantime ...
... 'jhmmke', find out if abcAVI is able to import data from text file, if so, then your problem is nearly solved.
You can export the content of tag-fields from the MP4 file to a text file, using some good application like Mp3tag, and import the data into the corresponding AVI file.

And find out, if abcAVI has the right codecs available and loaded to read MP4 files too.

See also ...
.. .and try to find out what 'MMAviInf to store stream names' can do for you.