Tags for .mp4 files not appearing on Windows Media Center/Xbox 360

Hey guys.

I've been using MP3Tag v2.54 to tag some .mp4 files I've been using to backup some of my TV show seasons. It save the tags and they are there but something I was really hoping for was the "Comment" or "Description" tag to appear in Windows Media Center or on my Xbox 360.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience getting the show Description and sorting to work properly by using the Disc # or Episode #. What I've tried so far is adding the Description to the "Comment" field, "Description" tag, and "Subtitle" field. None of these appear in Media Center or on my 360.

So basically what I want is to have the description appear on the "Synopsis" area of Media Center and same on the Xbox. http://i.imgur.com/VF79wjc.jpg

Any suggestions would be helpful!

It could be that WMC expects comments to have the same label as the OS language.
By default does Mp3tag write comments with the English label (regardless of the real language) as this is compatible with iTunes.
So you could modify the lng-file for the language that you use for your MP3tag user interface (e.g. german.lng if you use German) and replace the line
(use the code for your Windows GUI language)
(no guarantee that this will work, just a guess - so it would be nice if you could report back).

That applies only to mp3 files but not mp4.

Thanks for the quick reply. Everything I'm working with is in English (or should be) so I don't think it would be an issue with what you had suggested. All the tags are saved correctly but it still doesnt seem to show up properly: http://i.imgur.com/tu7Mdwi.png

Is it specified somewhere that such information should appear in this area?

I would experiment a little with other fields like SUBTITLE or UNSYNCEDLYRICS

Thanks for the reply again. I have tried just about every tag I could think of before posting this thread but just in case I missed one, here are the ones I tried: Comment, SubTitle, SetSubTitle, Description, UnsyncedLyrics and TVEpisode. I think it boils down to more of what tag Microsoft is using rather than anything else. I just haven't been able to find that information on the web at all. Thanks again for your help.