Tags for wav files in 3.07

I have used MP3TAG for some time without problems, both with mp3 and wav files. However, after upgrading to 3.07 I am experiencing problems with wav files. The problem is consistent (so not random). When I receive a wav file, I can use MP3TAG to fill the various fields such as title and artist. I then use a different program to modify the file (remove clicks at start and end etc., but after this, when I open MP3tag (right click in Windows File Explorer), if I add a field (such as year (or any other) I cannot save the file ( File "...." cannot be opened for writing). Also fields that have been filled (and visible in Windows File Explorer) are shown as empty in MP3TAG. I am shown as the owner in File Explorer, and I have modify rights.
Any suggestions? Exactly the same way of working went fine in (I think) version 3.04. And mp3 files work fine. Is mp3tag no longer usable with wav files?

As you have a step between the initial and the subsequent tagging carried out by a different program that modifies the file structure, I suspect that this editor cannot cope with wav tags.
Esp. the part

looks like the audio editor inteprets tag data as audio data.
What happens is you edit the audio part first and then tag the file?

Then I still have exactly the same problem. That is what I used to do, but now found I could not save anything. I was surprised that I could still edit tags when I first received the file. The other program (Wavepad Sound Editor) has never had problems with wav tags. I have also not upgraded. The only change I am aware of is the upgrade of mp3tag from 3.04 (I think it was .04, but can't guarantee) to 3.07.

I just opened a windows media wave file, had to copy it to a non-system folder, edited the tags with 3.06h, updated to 3.07, loaded the same file again - no problems.

I still wonder if you have changed the workflow ... that in former times you first edited the audio part and then added the tags.

If you still have an older wav file that you got tagged ok - what happens if you load that into the audio editor? Does it suddenly have clicks? Can you save it under a different name and then see what MP3tag makes of it?

I might have got a step further. I have not changed the workflow, and I can also edit tags created earlier. But I have now found that these new wav files were created on a different device. The recordings were made on a new device (a Zoom H1N). Could this be the cause? Is there any other field (apart from owner) that could cause the problem, or is this some form of security to prevent files being copied?

Or could it be that the files were somehow corrupted before you tagged them? Errors can accumulate.

Thank you for the support. Music files from a different source do not have this problem. So the problem is not caused by MP3TAG. But it would be helpful to understand when this error occurs (when the "Owner" is the computer being used). Or is this an error generated by Windows?

If you refer to the WIndows file owner then you have an access rights problem.
If you want to modify such files, you have to grant access to everyone or change ownership.
There are Windows functions for that.

The file ownership is not the problem. I have checked access rights.
What I do notice is in MP3TAG a column "Tag", which I cannot find in Windows File Explorer. The files with which I have no problems show "ID3v2.3 (RIFF ID3v2.3)" or "ID3v2.3 (ID3v2.3 RIFF)" in this field. The files with which I have problems show a blank in this field, even thought I had originally maintained tags like Title and Artist with MP3TAG.

It's possible that the files have structural issues that Mp3tag refuses to work with. To be sure, you can send me a link to one of the offending files via PM or email.

Thanks for the example file. I've analyzed the file and it's indeed a corrupted file where one of the RIFF chunks reports an invalid size. Mp3tag refuses to write to such problematic files to prevent possible further data loss or corruption.

It's already visible when reading the file where it doesn't show any track length and other information fields in the file list.

Because you've mentioned v3.04 in your original post, I've also checked with this version and observed the same result.

My best advice would be to use software that produces valid WAV files.

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