Tags from double albums, how to remove the ones I don't want?

I recently grabbed tags from a double album that I already had tagged the other disc in another folder, now the match has the entire song list but I only want the bottom half, how do I choose only those? I have but the first half always replaces the ones I want, so I end up with the songs being named the ones from the other disc. Thanks in advance.

It is absolutely hard to understand what the problem is.
What are you doing? Please describe which functions you use and where it does not work like you want it.
In general: wouldn't it be easiest do only load those files that need tagging?

I have a double album, but the only result loads the entire two disc set, and I have only the folder with the songs I want tagged.

You should get dummy entries at the bottom of the list with the filenames - as the titles presented by the source should be more than the number of tracks that you selected.
Move each track so that it aligns with the corresponding entry in the title list.
Move the dummy entries so that they align with any title from the first cd.
So I would assume that after the alignment you have all the dummy entries at the top.

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Move the dummys at the top? So it tells MP3 tag to ignore the other disc you mean? The ones that say "no association"?

I would think so.
You are not limited to the order that is shown when the dialogue first opens. You may move the file entries around so tha the file matches the data.

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Bingo, that worked! By just moving those dummy files to the same position as the suggested ones I didn't want that were aligned on the left side it acted as an eraser. The ones I didn't want were highlighted along with them and BOOM! Did not embed, only the ones for disc two to their corresponding files. TY SO MUCH!!

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