Tags from freeDB


Hello all,

I hope that someone here can help me. I've already unsuccessfully tried several other programs and now it seems that MP3tag is doing more or less what I want it to.
What I want to do is simple: I have a large collection of largely untagged music files and now I want to get the tags from the internet. In one particular folder, there are files from about 25 CDs. I've been able to tag the first one and then convert the tag to the filename so the filenames now consist of the artist and the title which is exactly what I wanted.
However, when I selected all the files from a second CD and had freeDB search for the selected files, it showed me the exact same tags again - I've double-checked, they don't overlap, they're identical. It doesn't take much expertise to say that, when I accept these tags and write them into the filename again, all the files from the first CD will be overwritten because the filenames are the same.
Do you know how this could have happened and what I can do to avoid it happening again?
Thank you very much!


P.S.: I've had a look at all the other threads concerned with freeDB, but the other users' problems seem to be quite different because for me the search function is working - not always, but at least part of the time. The problem is I can only search for the selected files because the original CDs are in Germany and I'm in Ireland and I don't have the album names or artists in mind.