Tags from Lot of Files to another Lot

Hi everybody,

I'm new using this forum, so sorry if not posting in the correct place.

I just want to know if there's some way to "bulkcopy" whole tags from a lot of files to another lot of files, I mean the case when you convert files to another bitrate, and want to conserve the original Tags.

Thanks a lot for the soft and for support

Copy & Paste.
Select the original files
right click on the files list
select function "Copy tags" from the context menu
Load the target files (should be the same amount and in the same order)
Select the target files
right click on the files list
select function "Paste tags" from the context menu
that's it.

(also there is the possibility to export and import tag data, but copy&paste is easier).

Most good converters should copy all of the tags and make this unnecessary. I'd look into using another converter before worrying about a problem like this. Try either dbpoweramp or foobar2000, both free.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I get it ohrenkino, it was so obvious that I feel ashamed of not viewing it.

To JJ Johnson, I used to use Nero to convert mp3 files (iTunes podcast generally), but if the two soft you suggest me do the same and conserve the tags, fantastic, I'll reconsider a change. (Just a note, Nero also conserve tags, but only the principals, tags like: comment and lyrics are not conserved.)

And now just another question: You know if the "release time" tag (of iTunes podcast) is available and usable??

Thanks again...

What are you converting to/from? Yes, either one should handle most conversions with few problems. I'd try dbpoweramp first. The free version includes the format converter. You may have to download and install an add-on pack for some particular audio format, but that's easy to do.

Look at the Extended Tags (Alt-T, or 'pencil & paper' icon). If you can see it (the field name may be slightly different in Mp3tag) then Mp3tag recognizes it and it can be used for tagging or renaming files.

I'm converting radio program podcasts downloaded in iTunes, some of the files are 256kbps and I don't need such quality (nor size), so I'm passing all to 32kbps. I'll try the softs you tell me.

The only thing that I found is "tagging time", but it isn't the "release time" that I need...Any suggestion???

Are you saying that's the only field, or the only odd one? You're looking at the original files rather than the ones with no tags, right?

Dbpoweramp should transfer all tags. Like I said, try it before tearing your hair out over copying the tags manually.

I'm looking at the same folder of iTunes, and those files sure have release time (viewed by the iTunes application), but I tried all the other extended fields and the information ones of the tags, and no one give the same date and time of the release time viewed in iTunes application, IT'S REALLY ODD !!!!

As you say, dbpoweramp is copying all tags, thank you for the suggestion.

Still can't find release time in the mp3Tag fields, hope this be solved in future releases...

Thanks for the support...

There are some tags or data respectively that iTunes only stores in its internal database. E.g. rating is such data.

What audio format are you using?

For mp3 it's the RELEASETIME tag field.
For aac you must fill the YEAR tag with this specific format:

Hi dano,

I'm using mp3, where have you seen the "release time" tag field ??? I can't find it.

OK, I get it, it's just as easy as create a new tag field and name it Release Time !!!!

Thanks to everybody...

The tag method (as mentioned) above, would involve updating the export configuration: txt_taglist. If you wanted a specific tag to be exported, click on extended tags and copy the tag name. Just add %'s on either side of it.

So say you want the new files to export the replaygain value from the previous files:

If a tag contains a return it will cause problems when you use text file to tag. It will treat the return as a new line.