Tags in audio sound effects file I cannot find in MP3 Tag

I have a number of sound effect files that came from Valhalla Sound. For example, in Davinci Resolve Sound Library a file named "Whoosh 02" has tags that say "futuristic, hard, heavy, horror, intense, metallic, mechanical, trailer". I pull this up in MP3 tag and I cannot find these tags anywhere. Does anybody know if there is a specialized tag editor that does this or if there is a way for MP3 tag to show them?

What kind of files are these? MP3? Wav? FLAC?
If MP3 - could you select one and see what kind of tags are in the file? Only ID3Vx or also APE?
If there are APE tags - what happens if you switch off reading APE tags in Tools>Options>Mpeg>Tags and reread the files?

This particular file is a .WAV. I turned off read APE and rescanned without results. I've been doing some digging and I think this may have been added via a DESCRIPTION tag in a piece of software called Basehead. I looked at the file in Notepad ++ and saw this near the file start: " bext\ futuristic, hard, heavy, horror, intense, metallic, mechanical, trailer"

What does MP3tag say to the found tags? Are they RIFF tags?
If not then probably Mp3tag cannot read the tag.

MP3 does not see a DESCRIPTION tag. The Comments tag is empty. What is a RIFF tag?

RIFF is the kind of applied standard.
You see that in the dialogue title if you open the extended tags dialogue for a single file (press Alt-T)

Empty when I opened it up

If you look at the dialogue title (which is part of the window frame) then you see which tags MP3tag has detected. They should be RIFF tags for WAV files.
I think that all other tags cannot be read by MP3tag.

It says (RIFF ID3v2.3) in the title bar. Nothing is displayed.

This means that nothing is saved in the RIFF tag.
So whatever that other program does, it doesn't do it with RIFF tags.

Not quite clear to me, whether this info is stored in a RIFF or ID3 tag, but "bext" looks a lot like something specific to the software that write it (probably stands for "Base head Extended" or such).

Yes, it is the metadata program Basehead. Davinci Resolve reads it, trying to find something that will write it (Basehead is too expensive)

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