tags in windows mediacenter

I tried to find the answer in the forums but i couldn't.

I'm trying to get my music files visible in windows media center but without any luck.
All my files are tagged but for some reason media center doesn't show me the files separated from each other.

if a album is unknown mediacenter will show them in a unknown album.
Currently i have a unknown album which has 292 songs in it.

Could somebody tell me what the best settings are for windows media center together with mp3tag ?
I'm using Windows 7.

thank you upfront.

I'll try:
Also, in Win 7 you have to create an automatic playlist that acts as "favourite" that contains all tracks, because otherwise you will not see all the titles in the selection titles. Enter as criteria e.g. the total number of repetitions as being greater 3 and being less than 4 (this should then include all tracks).

If you get an unknown album, you most likely have not filled album and albumartist.
For compilations use a dummy albumartist like "various". do not leave albumartist empty.

I use MC 16, which fields are you trying to match up?

You may have to give up some fields to match what's in MC. Some match up easily.

Like Composer... but, as another example... Mixartist, at less for me, doesn't match up...

What I found to be the easiest fix is to populate all the tags in MC, and then go to extended file in MP3 and see where the information shows up and change to match.

Sorry for the late reply was a little busy tagging.
For now it seems to work fine, although not all songs are in the right album yet.
From the 1000 + songs I now only have 70 left which are incorrect.

Although I have tried to fix those as well I had no success.
Mainly because these where local cd's and i couldn't find them in the online databases.

If only could which for a auto tagger which works similar to tune-up but then for flac.

For now thanks for your help.