Tags Lost When Copied to USB or Windows Folder

Some mp3 tag information seem to be lost when copied (to USB or Windows Folder). I compared tag type information for the affected files with the other ones and find they are exactly the same. I want to use my music with the correct tags in my car (and need the display to show correct tags and album art) but it seems some files lose their tags. What can I do? Is there some patch/program that can fix my problem?

It does not sound plausible.

Have you checked the metadata on both mediawith MP3tag?
Which programs do you use to verify the consistency of the files?
Does the target system have an internet access on its own so that it can download its own information?
Which files and which fields are affected?

If you look for programs to check the consistency of your audio files, see MP3val, Mp3diags and foobar2000 as examples.