Tags missing

I use iTunes along with Tuneup to fix my songs. but the information is not pass on to mp3tag. in iTunes it shows artist, album, tack name and genre, but this information does not show up in mp3tag.

i have set itunes to save to the same working folder as mp3tag. still no luck
Itunes V
Mpetag V 2.59a

what am i missing, how can i get these 2 to talk to each other

not sure if this is your issue, but note that editing tags in itunes often just changes the info contained in the itunes database (and doesn't change the actual tags embedded in the music file). So you have to be a bit careful with this. itunes works very differently from most other music editors in terms of what is in the itunes database for the file vs what is in the file itself. Noteably artwork is very different in terms of how/where stored.