tags not appearing after FLAC-to-mp3 conversion


sorry if this is something addressed elsewhere in the forum, but i couldn't find it if it is...

i record a lot of shows... i generally store the files locally as FLAC but make 192kbps mp3 files for my iPod and for a few friends for their players as well.

once i've mastered a show, i open the FLAC folder in mp3Tag and enter all the information... all good.

then i use Goldwave to batch convert the FLAC files to mp3s, retaining tag info during the conversion. however, when i then view the mp3 files in mp3Tag, the Tag column shows ID3v2.3(ID3v2.3), but no tag information appears either in the detail pane on the left or in the columns on the right.

if i play the mp3 files in winamp, the tag info appears to be there... but i'd love to be able to see it in the mp3Tag view.

any thoughts?

thanks in advance.


Mp3tag won't always read malformed id3 tags as well as some other programs. Sounds like Goldwave is doing something funny in the way it tags your mp3s. Do the files only have id3v2 tags, or do they also have APE2 tags?