Tags not being picked up by MP3TAG

I have a load of MP3 files that I downloaded from Beatport. Beatport claim to tag files with ID3 v2.4. When I look at these files in Windows on my WIndows 7 and 8 laptops, all the artist and track title info shows, however in MP3 TAG, only a few of them show up.

I have set MP3 TAG to read all tag types and refreshed, and it reports that the files have ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags but hardly any appear ie it appears as though the fields are blank however in Windows they are fully populated

I have checked the files with MP3 Val and they all come up fine

It is driving me mad

What tag versions does Windows 7 & 8 read, that MP3 TAG can't?

you could check the settings in
and see which tags you read, write and delete.
E.g. if you read APE, they overwrite V2 and V1
If you do not read APE but the data is stored in these tags then the other may appear empty.

Thanks for your reply but that's not it - I am set to read all 3 types and nothing is showing up. In Windows explorer all the data is showing up

Windows does not show ID3v2.4-tags, Mp3Tag is able to read and write them.
So it should be the other way round.

MP3Tag says ID3v2.4 or MP3v2.3, not only ID3v2.

You have to experiment a little:
If you have set that all tags are read but APE tags are not filled or not in sync, then MP3tag shows these (empty) tags.
So it may be a good idea to set APE only to "erase".
poster is right about V2.4

I got MP3 TAG to delete all APE tags and as soon as I did that they dissapeared from Windows
So I deduced that the existing tags are APE
I then set it to read APE and write V2.3 and delete all others & it worked
However this problem happened as it did not detect & did not display the original APE tags which is not how I understand this to work