Tags Not Displaying in Windows.

Allright guys, the title of the topic might seem common but the problem is unusual. This is the first time i'm facing this.
I have this one mp3 whose tags are not seen in Windows explorer (Windows 7). So i thought it might be tagged in ID3v2.4. So i opened Mp3tag & saved the tags in ID3v2.3 (as i normally do). But still the columns are blank in Explorer. All The tags can be seen in Mp3tags but not in Explorer.
Later I also tried to change the tags in Explorer but it shows "Error: 0x8007000D".

I really dont seem to figure out the problem. Has anyone faced this problem ?? Can someone help plz.

P.S. I'm sorry to post this in the discussion section, Can the mods please move this topic to the support forum. Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

You could check the file with mp3val (google it) to see if some corrupt tag data is in the file.

Hi Ohrenkino,
Thanx, I scanned the file with Mp3val & it shows "problem" in the state column. What should i do next ??

Usually mp3val creates a backup when it repairs a file- you would have to repair the file to see if this removes the cause for the trouble.
Also usually, mp3val reports what it thinks is wrong with the file.
If the tag data is corrupt, it may be necessary to re-tag the file that is enter the tag data again.

Lovely Bro, i repaired the file in Mp3val & now the tags are visible in explorer .. i can even change them in explorer now .. . so thats gr8 . ..
Can i delete the backup file now ?

I would say so. Unless you want to keep it for sentimental reasons :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: . . Yo Yo Ohrenkinooooo . . You are the man . .