Tags not saved Win7

Hi all...been using MP3tag (on/off) for several years, over many versions. All was fine on WinXP.
Trying current version on Win7 but it will only write track numbers, or info transferred from file name into tag. Anything I enter into edit window does not get saved. Tried older ver mp3tag same story. Tried various mp3 files. Even ape. Also tried on Win7 laptop - same problem. Using Win7 SP1. Perhaps it's been covered, but I can't find it.
What am I doing wrong?

Can you check whether you have any duplicate fields at "Options > Tag Panel"? If so, it's necessary to remove them.

Yes, there were - this was default install, so I did not put them there. It fixed it in current ver of Mp3tag - great. Can you tell me why ver 2.51 has the same problem on Win7? There are no duplicates there? Out of curiosity...what's the first ver that works with Win7? Thanks

And thanks much for the very quick response!

Can't say for sure, but maybe you're using this version with the configuration of a later version. It's usually no problem to install a newer version, e.g., v2.90a over an older version, e.g., 2.89 but vice-versa is not supported.

Thanks much Florian...this has been bugging me for long time. It's solved!

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