Tags not showing in Win Explorer or Win Media Player

Hi - great program, however I have come across a strange problem, only with some of my files.

I run Win 7 Pro 64 bit - Mp3 2.7 WMP 12

I import mp3 file and tag - save

In Windows explorer it does not show the tags, and in WMP the file ends up in the "Unknown" basket because it has not tags

I open it again in Mp3 Tag, and the tags are there!

I save again - still do not show in WE or WMP

I then selected a whole album - right click, open in MP3 Tag - all tags showing. Save

Open in WE - only 3 out of 11 files show tags.

Any help would be appreciated.

ps. I used WMP to rip the album - all files were ripped at the same time, under the same conditions.

What are your mp3-settings in Tools/Options/Tags/MPEG?
WE and WMP cannot read ID3v2.4 tags.
You have to use ID3v2.3.

In addition to what poster wrote:

Also, you could check your files with mp3val, foobar2000 or mp3diags to see if your ripper did anything out of line.

I am having the same problem as dano_68. My problem is with a purchased mp3 file. In mp3tag, the tags are there but are not showing in windows explorer. Consequently windows media player puts the music files in unknown for the artist. When this has happened previously, I saved the tags in mp3tag, and this was enough for the tags to appear in WE. This time, not so. The tag type (ID3v2.3) is the same as other music files which are read correctly in WE. This problem occurs only occasionally, maybe once in a hundred purchased albums.

run them through mp3val and see if it reports any problems. Repair the files and see if WE can cope with them then.

Yes, that seems to do the trick. Mp3val did report problems with the files and fixed them. Thanks.