Tags not showing in Windows Explorer


I just started using Mp3tag and tagged flac files. It seems to work, except that the tags are not showing up in Windows Explorer, is this normal?


Yes, Windows Explorer does not support flac.
But you can install an extension to see the tags (i.e. AudioShell )

Thanks, but it doesn't seem to work on Windows 7, do you know one that does?

Lots of threads on other forums on this, the only "solutions" I could find were:

You could try dbPoweramp, but that will cost you around $40 (and no guarantee it will work), or you can use AudioShell to find and display the information in a tooltip (mouse over the file) and in the properties for the file (which also lets you edit the information). Or write to Microsoft as they don't support flac natively in Windows 7 (Just hope they will do it in Win8) :rolleyes:

Here are some example forum links discussing the same problem


This seems to be a solution:
Correct File Tagging/Naming?


Great, works perfectly, thanks a lot!

Hi All ...

I am new here ... :slight_smile:

Re: BBM above

I've been using AudioShell for a long time now .. many years .. (pretty sure it's latest version -- so would be 1.3.5)

And recently noticed that somehow i lost displaying tag info on mouseover / the information in a tooltip (mouse over the file) in Windows Explorer .. that i had / was working before ..

talking about MP3 files ..

If i do right click on MP3 file for example .. AudioShell is still there .. - i can view file info there, can go to the editor and edit anything i want... but it stopped displaying tag info if touch mp3 in Explorer with mouse / display tag info on mouseover (same thing i guess)

Not sure what happened .. Maybe it's in the registry somewhere .. but don't know .. I am not an expert with registries ...

I even tried to uninstall / reinstall AudioShell .. but didn't help.

Recently something screwed up somewhat somehow with my audio files .. suddenly the icons for MP3, APE,, FLAC etc .. were changed to some other icons... I was able to bring the all back (re: Icons) .. even MP3 one (which didn't want to change to my normal one for some reason, regardless what i tried (but Run / Default Programs help me .. i did it from there, as read to do it there somewhere on the net).

By default currently .. My MP3 files are played in AIMP (if click on them) ...

But pretty sure previously MP3 was played in AIMP by default as well .. and displaying tag info on mouseover (via AudioShell) was working ...

I tried to have MP3, by default, play in WInAmp, Foobar etc .. even in Windows Media player .. and they did (MP3 files) .. but displaying tag info on mouseover .. didn't come back ...

So made MP3 play in AIMP currently again .. and still missing displaying tag info on mouseover in Windows Explorer...

Using Vista 32 .. and searching for the solution for this ...

Not the end of the world ..but would not mind getting it to work again ... lol

Thanks for any help, in advance!