Tags not showing up...

I rip my music to FLAC files (fully FLAC tagged) using EAC --> Mp3tag reads these tags no problem.
I then transcode the FLAC files using Foobar to mp3 using LAME. Whether I have ID3v1, ID3v2 or both set as being created in the resulting mp3s (within Foobar settings), Mp3tag does not show the file as being tagged. Why is that? Mp3tag options are set to read both Id3v1 & ID3v2 tags btw. I'm sure this never used to happen??

foobar2000 most probably saved the ID3v2 tags in UTF-16 format which is not supported by MP3Tag. In the foobar2000 preferences, set the ID3v2 component to write ISO-8859-1 tags (Components, ID3v2 tag support).

Bingo. Cheers Sebastian. I has a feeling you might know :wink:

Out of interest, what would be the reasons for saving in the UTF-16 format instead of ISO-8859-1?

International characters, typically.