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Hello all,
My music files are all FLAC and I've been going through a process of tidying up all my tags using Export or backup all tag fields as a discovery tool. All ok so far.
However, I have a few files (complete albums) where the export fom the tool above shows no tags for anything to do with volume or replay gain. To support this, the 'extended tag' view also shows no replaygain tags.
But, for some files, in Jriver Music Centre (my player) a tag of 'Volume Level (ReplayGain)' with a number as a value shows up....
Any ideas why it's showing in JRMC but not in MP3tag?
Any help or info gratefully recieved.

Could you provide one of this FLAC files? (By PM with a link to your favorite transfer service, if you like).
Maybe we can tell you what kind of tag is used and why Mp3tag doesn't show it in ALT + T.

Thank you - I have messaged you with a link.

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There are no more tags in your provided FLAC file.
I have checked it with many different tools, there are no more then the 6 tags shown by Mp3tag.

My guess is: JMC calculates such "Volume Levels" from existing music data.
Example: You can use metaflac like this:
metaflac.exe "11 - (Exchange).flac" --scan-replay-gain
and you get values like:
-1.750000 0.951477 -1.750000 0.951477
Whatever this numbers should be. They are not saved inside the file.

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Thanks for the input, I'm asking the Jriver forum for some input - and I'm wondering if some sort of 'on the fly' calculation is taking place.
When playing back the track I shared the volume level seems to be honoured.
Cheers for your input. I'll post back when (if?!) I get some help from the JRiver forum.

Some feedback from jriver, the Jriver database has internal tags aswell as supporting external ('file' tags) - I'm now asking which takes priority, how they get there, etc etc...

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