Tags not shown at WINAMP

Sorry, tried for helping at forums, maybe there are answers in german, don't know...
Testing a folder with 90 mp3...after saving tags, WINAMP shows the file information correctly for about the half of files and not for the other half. I know it has updated chnages because of the files correctly shown.
All files are ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)
At Winamp Forums I read about its own DB, but didn't find much crossed info with MP3TAG.
Thanks in advance and pardon me if this is a common old topic.

You would have to invoke the rescan of folders. So check the settings for the local database:

Done. Doesn't work...

You could delete the tracks from Winamp (resp. the database) and then rescan. When the tracks reappear they should show the correct data.

I cleaned the library before and now...no changest at all :frowning:

If you attach a "problem" file to your next post (or provide a download link) I will try it in my Winamp.

If you say that Winamp is allright, then you have to have a look at the files.
Could you check them with mp3val (->google it, freeware) if they show problems. And if so, repair them and then see what Winamp does?

It works, many thanks!