Tags on portable players


Can anyone shed some light on this?

I have read that Creative have limited the size of mp3 files it can store on the Nomad Zen portable Jukebox.

The limit in storage is supposed due to the firmware's ability to read the MP3 file directory not the physical size ie a larger hard disk.

I currently use a 40Gb hard disk but would like to fit a larger disk (80Gb)

Has any of the members had any experiences in this field.

(2) If the limiting factor is the size of the Directory file can I safely remove the ID3v1from my tags to reduce the directory size.

Thanks for any help that might come from this post.



You can surely remove the tags, but it wont help much if you don't have images and lyrics in idv2, because the tags are normally small, something about 500 bytes, it would be 4 mb of 40 gb (8000 files, 5 mb per file) :frowning:



Hello Nickless

Thanks for the help on this one. As I understand it the firmware that is used to manage the files on the player hard disk has a limit to the amount of entries/bytes allocated for file management.

I was interested to hear if anyone has purposely reduces the size of the tag info ie abbreviations in tag information.

I will put caution to the wind and install the 80Gb hard disk. If I encounter limitations I will post them.