Tags remove does not work anymore

Hello ! I just found that current 3.15 version, even 3.11 too does not remove tags on my request. Let me post url to the video I made to show what is happening on:

Please tell me - is something wrong with mp3tag or what else ? If you ask - the .mp3 file itself is not marked as Read Only...

Check in File>Options>Tags>Mpeg whether you have ticked "Remove V2". If that is not selected, then V2 tags do not get removed.

Thank You very much, I totally forgot about that function - it really works if v1/v2/ape remove options are enabled ! :slight_smile:

Heck, now I see that id3 tags are NOT shown anymore... I even disabled those three options - and got no success....3.15 won't now read id3v2 tags on .mp3 file :[
UPDATE: I noticed that some files are being read ok and some are not... don't know what is difference between them - both of them has id3v2 tags inside... :confused:

It's still no bug.
Could you show us the settings in File>Options>Tags>Mpeg?
Also check if the now allegedly empty files had/have APE tags (and you don't read them any more, or, the other way round: now you read APE tags but they are not really filled with data in the common fields)

sorry, I just found that I did run old 3.11 version, now I did run 3.15 instead and it works as before - as needed. THANK YOU anyway ! :slight_smile:
UPDATE: 'read ape tag' did that malfuction - for some reason mp3tag did not read id3 tags when this option was turned on :]
UPDATE 2: I understood what has happened with APE tag reading - those APE tags are being used by 'Mp3gain' program, they do not have no usual id3 tag info - just ones about gain options, levels etc, this is why mp3tag did not show no artist/album etc when this 'read APE tag' option was enabled :slight_smile:
So, if you use 'Mp3gain' program then just TURN OFF this 'read APE tag' option in mp3tag.

MP3tag reads ID3V2 tags but it does not display the contents as APE has priority over these tags (in MP3tag).

I also think that there are other programs around that do not use APE tags for gain information and also I think that there is an option in MP3gain to also write ID3V2 tags so that the APE tags can safely be removed to avoid any further hicups.


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