Tags: Selective Copy and Pasting?

Occasionally, I need to copy the tags from one album to another. I have read a relevant post here. Please tell me if is possible to copy or paste the tag information selectively. For instance, can I copy or paste only the tags of certain fields for e.g. the track Titles?

Thank you.

You can copy either the complete tag of a single file or a set of files to the clipboard and paste it to another set of files.
Or you can use the export function.
Of if you want to copy only a single title, then use the ordinary clipboard.

I cannot think of a case where only a single field needs updating in a set of files and in which the sequence of target files matches that of the source files ...
Could you enlighten me?

My apology, ohrenkino, I missed your response and hence did not reply sooner. Thank you for always being such a big help. I do not have an example of the foregoing to give you anymore, and next time I will try out your proposals first.


How about if you discover that more than one song were by
Artist A feat. Artist B
and you have a lot of
Artist A
songs that should be by described as
Artist A feat. Artist B

Or you finally know who wrote the lyrics to some of the songs, from different albums?

You can prepare an action, but in situation like I can imagine wanting me to do it by hand, making an evaluation first of each case

But also, as you said, it can be done by clipboard