Tags Tracknumber dans fichiers sur NAS Synology

Je suis sur MAC book pro M2 et NAS Synology. J'importe des fichiers .aiff dans un NAS Synology provenance vinyls. Pour les tags je commence par rentrer l'artiste et l'album. Cela fonctionne et le fichier est lu par les outils sur NAS d'indexation mais dès que je veux rentrer le track number en manuel (un par un) certains des fichiers (et cela de façon aléatoire pour un même album) se retrouvent effacés pour l'artiste, le genre et la date de l'album pour les outils de Synology. Pour MP3tag certains fichiers (semble t il de façon aléatoire) se retrouvent avec "l'artiste de l'album" rempli par "l'artiste". Avez vous une idée du problème?

Pour précision le nom de fichier et le titre ont le numéro "track number" à leur "tête" au cas où cela viendrait de là?

It would much easier if you used the English language.
Could you supply a couple of screenshots that show what a file looks like in MP3tag and what your NAS makes of it?

Does MP3tag show the data correctly and it is a display problem on the NAS?

What program are you using for the original tags that are being saved? Are some of these in APE format, while the later updates in mp3tag are using id3?

Here are some view in the real order:

The fact to enter the track numbers change the view in the NAS (not in the MP3tag). What should be the problem linked between track number and other fields?

Là je n'ai utilisé que MP3tag après importation des fichiers

I would fill TRACK for all files and see what it does on the player.
I suspect that the NAS uses some kind of "intelligence" and groups first by ALBUM and then sorts by TRACK.
(If that is the problem)

From your screenshots it appears only id3 tags exist. So that is not the problem. To make the track changes manually, you are just adding that one field where (in the tag panel?) and then saving? And after that the Artist disappears from some tracks, but not all?

I have just change manually the track (number) of all the files. Yes for your last question.

Just to get that clear for me:
You have a set of files without track numbers where the artist shows up correctly on the NAS.
You add the track number to these files and the artist disappears on the NAS.

But MP3tag shows the data correctly all the time?

It is when i put the tracks numbers by Mp3tag there is change on some files on many tags. I would like to test if it is the same thing if i change the track numbers by an other apllication than Mp3tag.
The data are correctly on Mp3tag.

If I change the track number by Audio server (Synology) here is the result:
files .Lrc are created.

So your player manipulates the files?
I would then investigate which of the player's settings causes this effect - so this would be a question for synology, I assume.
lrc files are files with lyrics. So either you already have a field for lyrics in the files and the player exports that data or your player reads (and writes) the tags when you enter the track number with the means of your player and also tries to get the lyrics from the internet.
If this is true then it is completely beyond the controle of MP3tag and has nothing to do with this program.

I just put the question to Synology. I don't think that the files contain lyrics as it is for just few files on the same album.(and the Lrc files have 3 octets).
To come back to your preview answer "intelligence", It could be a reality because at the beginning in the transfert of the files I just put the "Artist" as folder and Synology swap the artist and the album. In conclusion I will have to find a compromise if it is possible?? Perhaps to don't use the track number.

On the contrary: I would fill the most common fields with data:
If that data is already present, then the synology should not have a reason to look for missing information.
It may be worthwhile to look for a setting that allows the player to retrieve information from the internet and switch that off.
Also, I would avoid to use any other program for tagging than MP3tag. So far, to my experience, you have the best control over your tags with MP3tag.

There is only when I enter the tracks that appear the problem.
I'm waiting for an Synology answer.
I'm very please with MP3tag.