Take part of the filename

How can i take a part of the filename and tag it into artist and title without losing the full filename?

Format string: %artist% - %title%

Thx for the reply.
There are files who don't want to rename. I don't see the problem.

I don't know - perhaps the hypen is not really a hyphen.
You could try the following
Delete everything except %artist% and see what the preview does.
Now try the next part like -%title%
if that does not work already, you have to go to the Windows explorer and copy that hyphen-like character from the filename and replace with it the already entered hyphen.

Besides that there are some tracks that have no hyphen but only blanks to separate like that "Mega Mix Promo". You would have to adapt the pattern in the Converter a couple of times until you have harvested all the data.