Taking very long time to tag WMA Lossless files.

I'm tagging some WMA Lossless files and it's taking at least forty five seconds to one minute to tag each song, is it supposed to be like that? I looked around the web site and the forums to see if I couldn't find anything and I didn't. Have I missed something? Thanks for any help guys.

In certain cases the complete file needs to be rewritten during tagging. This might take a while since WMA Lossless files are large by nature.

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Thank you Florian. :slight_smile: I just thought I would mention that I always wanted to see Dresden Germany, how is it this time of year?

What are you using to rip your files? If you've got the option, add tag padding at the time of rip, that'll speed things up later.

For example, I rip to Apple Lossless using dBpoweramp and it adds a 32Kb pad to the tag of each file - speeds up tagging no end. Not, granted, if you're embedding a substantially larger albumart.