TDAT frame format

Hi Florian
I am facing an issue of MinimServer not being able to scan the TDAT frame in an ID3v2.3 tag without throwing an error message.
I have described the issue in this thread.
Florian, what is your view on this issue?
Thanks a lot

I'm not @Florian, just want to add that the id3v2.3.0-Specification says:


The 'Date' frame is a numeric string in the DDMM format containing the date for the recording.
This field is always four characters long.

I suspect that the culprit regarding the date tag issue is sacd_extract.exe and the data on the SACDs.
My workflow is as follows:

  • rip the sacd to iso using a Pioneer BDP-160 and sacd_extract
  • extract the dsf files from the iso again using sacd_extract

I suspect the date filed is populated by sacd_extract during this process, resulting in the errors reported by MinimServer. MP3Tag is probably not at fault here