Technique for tagging classical music for itunes using grouping and movements for proper shuffling

Hello again!

Thanks to all that helped me on my last question. This place and program are great! :clap:

I am tagging a bunch of classical music and want to make sure I am doing it the proper way. I have read a lot on the subject and am hopefully doing things correctly.

I am using itunes and am employing the %work%, %movement%, %movementtotal%, & %movementname% fields to populate the tags for Work, Movement Number, Total Number of Movements (Movement Index) & Movement Name.

I have mapped the field as suggested by Florian in order to keep things consistent with both MP4 & ID3v2 (work name, name and movement)

Tag: ID3v2
Target: WORK

Question: Do I continue to use the %work% field for work, or should I be using the %contentgroup% field. I think I may have been doing it incorrectly and should be using %contentgroup% instead of %work%, but I am not sure. I believe the mapping I did above should allow me to use %work%. I keep flip-flopping so I thought I would double-check here.

I am also using the %showmovement% to trigger itunes to list the song by work name, showing the movement fields.

I am going to populate %grouping% with a unique value for each work so that all the movements of a work will play together, and in order if I decide to shuffle by group. I am not quite sure how I will do this, to avoid different versions or performances of the same song being grouped together, especially with the same composer, and orchestra, but I will probably use %work%-%conductor%-%artist%-%album%-%year%. Hopefully that will not be too long of a field, as my album titles have a lot of information on them, but I need to keep things discrete. Is there a limit to the length of a tag?

Am I employing the proper techniques?

Any help, as always, will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

%work% cannot be found in the list of standard fields - so it is most likely a user-defined field that will read only by very few players.

the field CONTENTGROUP is the MP3tag field that gets displayed as Work in iTunes. No mapping required.

Thanks again ohrenkino!
I am confused as I see WORK (%work%) in Tag fields exclusive to MP4 in

Since the only field mapping I did was the one above for ID3v2, do I have to do additional mapping or will I be fine with both MP4 and ID3v2 if I just use CONTENTGROUP (%contentgroup%) for work title?

You would have to try whether iTunes really shows the contents of different fields in the same column (@wrk and tit1).
Only then would a mapping make sense. Otherwise I would leave the mp4 field alone and only use contengroup.

Thanks again ohrenkino for your help! I really do appreciate it greatly!!!! :beers:

OK, I will see how things transfer over. I am starting to realize that I don't really have that great of a grasp on things when I started thinking about this. I may have forgotten things I have learned along the way as I do this intensively for a month and then leave it along for long periods of time.

I mainly am using MP3Tag to tag .flac and rarely .ape files, which I will later convert to aflac which results in a .m4a extension, which I was confusing with MP4 files. I use .mp3 files very very rarely and don't think I have ever used an .mp4 as of yet. So maybe all this does not apply to me.

I have been using MP3Tag for 5+ years and mostly everything has worked well for my purpose of getting them into itunes, so I must be doing something right. I have saved my configuration each time I reinstall, so I must have set things up along the way.

I see I have VorbisComment tags mapped from DATE, ORGANIZATION & TRACKNUMBER to YEAR, PUBLISH & TRACK respectively. Also, as aforementioned, I have the ID3v2 tag mapped from CONTENTGROUP to WORK (I am starting to think I do not need this, but I don't see how it hurts). I am not sure if the first three were set up by me or are a default in the program.

So, do I have to worry about mapping the MP4 or even the ID3v2? I see no column for Vorbis Comment in tag field mapping chart, so I don't know to what the MP3Tags are mapped, but there must be a reason they were not listed. I guess since I convert the flacs to m4a in itunes, the tags I save to the flacs through MP3Tag are included and everything maps to itunes. Since it is seasy to move tags from one place to another in MP3Tag, I will continue tagging this set of classical music and then convert so test files. Once I see how things transfer I will report back.

Any clarification would be very helpful. I have tried to learn here but have not, as of yet, gotten as firm of a grasp on tagging as I would like. I wish I could learn more about this and if you can point me to a source that covers the topics above, I would appreciate it.