Template given in FAQ doesn't work for me


I tried Dano's post in the FAQ to remove leading "The" but it doesn't work for me (I'm using rev 2.37a).

Here's what my "Action" looks like: Regular expression "_ALL": "^The\s+" -> ""

When I use this on an MP3 filename "The Temptations", it should change it to "Temptations" but it makes no change at all. I also tried substituting "_ALL" with "_FILENAME" whith the same results. What am I doing wrong????


I have no troubles, maybe you can upload the mta file or a screenshot of your action?


My bad Dano. In putting together a reply for you I noticed that I had a space before the ^The\s+... It seems that when I copy/pasted from your FAQ solution I must have included the leading space.

Sorry to have taken up your time and thanks for offering to help.