"Tempo / Mood" based on the BPM calculation ranges to track field

BPM field (Ranges, example 0-60, 61-120, 121-165 & so on), placed with letter(s) example (S) (S-M) & so on, into the track field

If BPM 0-60 = S
If BPM 61-120 = S-M
If BPM 121-165= M
& so on

BPM 66.3 Track S
BPM 120 Track S-M
BPM 146.9 Track M

I used "format values" $ifgreater(%bpm%,0,M,S), worked, , but got lost on the string for a specific ranges. This just gave me: if greater than 0, all marked "M" all others "S", all other attempts gave me a syntax error.

Thank you kindly..

  • Note: The above BPM ranges, Tempo / Mood are examples only

For describing the cases you have to stack some $ifgreater function calls.

$ifgreater(%BPM%,120,'M',$ifgreater(%BPM%,60,'S-M',$ifgreater(%BPM%,0,'S','unknown'))) $ifgreater(%BPM%,120,'M',$ifgreater(%BPM%,60,'S-M','S'))


Thank you