Temporary Deletion Protection

I have gone through my music library and tagged each mp3 using Discogs. As a doublecheck, I made copies of the Mp3's in a separate folder and tagged them through MusicBrainz. I want to (manually) compare the two sets of data, and I find I'm accidentally deleting the originals too often. Is there a way to temporarily protect the original mp3's from deletion within Mp3tag? I can't do this using Windows Explorer since the original mp3's loaded come from a playlist generated from MusicBrainz results on the copies (a substantial subset of an even larger universe of mp3's).

You could change the file permission and disable/deny the "Delete" right for the user(s) working with this original files:

You have to do this twice: Once BEFORE you load the files into Mp3tag to prevent accidentally deleting your originals and once AFTER you have finished your comparison.

Thanks LyricsLover but your solution is impractical in my case.
I need to selectively (file by file) protect from deletion (and unprotect). I didn't mention when doing the side-by-side comparison I sometimes take MusicBrainz suggestion for the title (e.g., if mine didn't have the special foreign characters such as ñ) and so I modify my original files.
So the need is for a "temporary" way to protect (and unprotect) individual files, not folders.
I thought using iCACLS as one of the Mp3Tag tools might do this, but it turns out even Windows 10 has conspired against me in that once you protect a file from deletion, you also seem to protect if from being read.
So I may just be out of luck.

Please report back if you find a solution to his problem