Text field should still have focus after switching applications


I'm currently using version 2.50 in XP sp3.

Sometimes I need to get the tags from web sites or any other sources that let me copy text.

What bugs me is that if I stay in the Artist coloum (this applies to any colloumns, not just Artist) for a mp3 file (main window, not the left pane), the text marker is in that field and i've just deleted any former text. Then I do an Alt+Tab to get and grab the text from my web browser.
After hitting Alt+Tab to get back, the Artist field have lost focus, so I need to use the mouse pointer to regain focus and paste the text.

I wish that when switching back from another application, the last active input field regain focus.

Having two, or five songs to manually paste the text into isn't a problem, but when there is let's say 50 songs, then pointing with mouse pointer two or three times for every sound file is just horrible.


Mp3tag is not the only application that does it like that. WMP behaves in the same way.
The Explorer does not stay in the edit mode if you "tab out".

Excel, on the other hand, does not.

Perhaps the difference is: if you start editing a file property then the file is locked for other access and this time apparently should stay as short as possible.

For the time being you could modify your workflow and use the tag panel for such editing. The tag panel keeps the focus in the same field. You have to press Ctrl-S, though, to apply the changes - and only then is the file (are the files) locked for other access.

Thanks. I will try to remember that next time I have noumberous files to rename like that.

How do I get to the next file without using the mouse?

See http://help.mp3tag.de/main_keyboard.html
You can switch forward and backward between the Tag Panel view and the List view with [Ctrl+Tab].
In the List view you can navigate between the files with [CursorUp] or [CursorDown].