Text file lines not being parsed during import

I've cleaned all quotation marks, slash marks etc. out of the attached .txt file, but I still keep getting "Cannot Parse Line 1, Cannot Parse Line 2, etc" when I try to import.

The exact format string I used is:


What am I missing?

Great forum. Thanks for the help!

Data_for_Embedding_MR_MP3s_April_2011_file_1_200v25.txt (35.2 KB)

The first line should contain the list of fields separated by semicolon.
Also you have to delimit all the fields with %-characters.

Then, although it is called "CSV" (comma separated value), you have to use the semicolon as separator. In your textfile you have used commas.

Hmm, some text lines seem to be folded and claim two file lines.
Therefore the ratio of commas per line is not an integer value.
The lines overall do not have the same number of fields, but each line must have the same field structure.

Before you destroy a complete import file by removing possibly important field delimiters, try it out with a file containing only one or two lines.


In addition to DetlevDsIf you have something like Excel or Word at hand, you can transform your text back into a table and check there, which records are misaligned.

Your suggestions worked! Thanks so much for you help.

Successful file attached.

Data_for_Embedding_MR_MP3s_April_2011_file_1_200v31.txt (494 Bytes)