Text File > Lyrics tag (FLAC)

I have a text file which I have placed in Notepad and/or Word 2010. The text file contains the lyrics for a song.

When viewed in either of the above programs, the lyrics comprise 141 words in 5 paragraphs, just as they appear in the CD's liner notes.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to import those lyrics into a FLAC file (Vcrbis Comments). Ideally, when read by an application intended to convey these lyrics to an end-user of the file, the formatting of the content would be easily read on screen. To me, this means to retain the formatting was in the original text file.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to import all of the lyrics regardless of the way they appear in the Alt-T view. At most, I can only import a single line of text, either the first line in the text file or a longer line comprising the first few lines of the lyrics but truncated at the end.

First of all, is it really possible to import all of the lyrics in the original text file as a Vorbis Comment in a FLAC file. Is there a limit to the number of words/characters?

Secondly, if it is possible, in what format should the text file be saved. I assume it would be UTF-8, which is what Vorbis Comments expects. (At least, that's what I understand.)

I do not understand the description and examples given for the Text File > Tag operation. Is this the correct way to import the lyrics? If so, could someone PLEASE give me line-by-line steps to follow?

By the way, when editing in the tag panel to create a LYRICS or even an UNSYNCED LYRICS tag, the "Multiline" check box doesn't seem to do anything one way or the other to help me import the text and create a LYRICS tag. What is it supposed to do, other than increase the size of the window in the tag panel for this field?

I would really appreciate a guick but thorough explanation of how to do this, as i have a very important deadline. I'm trying to impress a client by adding the lyrics to their files in some form so that an end-user application can display them while the song is previewed or played. Note: There is no need to sync these lyrics to the music or to scroll through them as the music plays. I just want users to read them on-screen in the same way an end-user would read them in the liner notes of the CD.

Thanks in advance if anyone can get me on the right track.

Dennis, aka "d2b"


And use a plain text editor not a word processor such as Word.


It turns out that I was doing the right thing but did not know it...for this reason:

The Alt-T display only shows one line of text. If I double-click on the tag in the Alt-T panel, or if I select the Edit button for that tag, the entire lyrics are displayed as desired. So there really wasn't a problem, I just didn't know it.

It is unfortunate that only one line of text is displayed in the basic Alt-T display for each of the fields in the file. I found this to be misleading but on the other hand, I can see how it would be inconvenient to try and display the all of the lyrics in that window, especially when formatted in multiple lines and even into paragraphs.

Thanks for you help!!

Dennis...aka "d2b"