Text file - Tag, change specific file name in a list of songs

If I have the following 4 songs (these are completely made up) and these are the filenames:

I sing for you.mp3
At night I howl.mp3
The waters edge.mp3
In the middle of the night.mp3

and I want to add the artist to a specific mp3 such as "The waters edge.mp3" how do I put that in a text file and then also put that in the format string (convert, Text file - Tag) in Mp3tag so that it will find the song "The waters edge.mp3" and change the artist for that song while leaving the other files alone. I know how to do it if I want to put info in for all four songs in the exact order they are listed above (and would be in this order in MP3tag) by just putting four lines of data. But it would be really helpful to be able to change info on songs no matter where they are in a list of songs rather than having to have them in a specific order. Or if later you want to update some songs and you aren't sure where they are in a list. I could use an example of how the text file would look and how the format string in Mp3tag would look as well. Thanks.

Have a look at this post: Importing metadata and tagging the files comprising an album

If you add the artist as a "column" in the text file like:

I sing for you.mp3;Abraham
At night I howl.mp3;Bebraham
The waters edge.mp3;Cebraham
In the middle of the night.mp3;debraham

For the import you define the fields

and the correct artist should end up in the correct file.

I appreciate the response but it did not work. What ends up happening is what ever order the text file has the artist listed is how the artist gets in put for example
Here is how the files are listed in Mp3 tag.

At night I howl.mp3
I sing for you.mp3
In the middle of the night.mp3
The waters edge.mp3

Here is how they are listed in the text file. I changed the order on purpose so that I could test it.
I sing for you.mp3;01
At night I howl.mp3;03
The waters edge.mp3;04
In the middle of the night.mp3;02

and here is how it ends up being changed in Mp3tag
01 At night I howl.mp3
03 I sing for you.mp3
04 In the middle of the night.mp3
02 The waters edge.mp3

So for example the waters edge should be "04" for the artist but it ends up being "02" because it is last in the list on Mp3tag and 02 is the last artist in the text file. So it is not changing the mp3 based on the name of the file but rather the order in which is listed in Mp3tag and by the order in which the artist name appears in the text file. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. I looked in the other post but did not see any relevant to what I am trying to do. Thanks.

So I was playing around with it some more and what was wrong was %filename_ext%;%artist% it needs to be %_filename_ext%;%artist% then it works great. Thanks again for the help I would not have figured it with out the assistance.