Text File > Tag: help required

I've been hoping to find a simple means of modifying MP3 tags with new artists or titles, to correct mistakes, and I was hoping that the Text File > Tag command would help me, but I can't seem to get it to work.

I created a test text file with the string:


and saved it in the same folder as the MP3 in question. Then I go into Mp3tag and choose that folder as the working directory, then tried Text File > Tag once I had selected everything in that folder, with the string:


as the Title tag is the only one I want to change, from the filename specified.

But a Preview revealed no matching items for anything, and yet the file was right there with the correct name, or is %_filename% not the correct format?

So I run it properly and the file's tags weren't changed, but the first item in the folder had its date/time modified, but all the rest were unchanged.

I then select the file by itself and run Text File > Tag, and it worked. But selecting a totally different file did the same tag change!

I assumed I could just make the necessary tag changes to only those files listed in the text file, but it seems Text File > Tag doesn't work that way.

How can I use it this way?

I think the filename is without the extension.

I've modified the text above to omit the .mp3 as you suggested, so when I select the folder as the working directory, select everything, select Text File > Tag and Preview it, I get this:



No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\AGATHA CHRISTIE'S POIROT.mp3".
No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\AI artificial intelligence.mp3".
No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\AROUND THE WORLD WITH WILLY FOG.mp3".

And so on. The Black Beauty file is the first in the list but NOT the file I want to retag, so why that is retagged I do not know. And why is it retagged twice?

And this is the Preview further down:

No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\LORD OF THE RINGS two towers (1).mp3".
No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\LORD OF THE RINGS two towers (2).mp3".
No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE.mp3".
No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\MIAMI VICE crockett's theme.mp3".
No matching entry for file "F:\AFAC film + tv\MOONRAKER (1).mp3".

So for some reason it doesn't find the correct entry further down the list, but retags the first one twice. What am I doing wrong?

Well, I believe I've solved the problems I've had here, thanks to this guide:


It gives a lot of information about Text File > Tag which has helped a lot.

For example, it turns out that the %_path% placeholder is VITAL for correct functioning of the converter, and so a full path including drive letter is needed so it knows exactly which file to modify. Well, it's not exactly rocket science, but I figured it would work with relative, rather than absolute, paths.

Secondly, it seems that if every file in a folder is selected, then there need to be corresponding entries in the text file, otherwise "no matching entry" will appear for those not in the list. I've experimented with this, but found I don't need to do this. But for some reason, the last line in the text file is retagged twice, but I can't figure out why. If I select just the files that have been listed in the text file and Alt-4 it then, then it works perfectly!

So I think this is the problem solved, but I'll see how I get on.

I'm curious... Do already have this information in text files, or do you think it's easier entering data this way?

I have a mass of MP3s burnt onto a couple of DVD+Rs, and have been adding and replacing MP3s with copies with new tags and a batch file to delete the old ones, which will eventually fill up CD-Rs as "extras" discs. I was trying to look for an easier way, but it's not really necessary now, as this method is already the easiest, even if it does gobble up disc space.

The easiest solution would be to tag files accurately and correctly in the first place, but there is conflicting information about song titles throughout the WWW, so which one do I decide on? :wink: