Text file - Tag in format %tagname% - %tagvalue%

I mean:
Songdata.txt's sample content:

title - Rock around the clock

composer - Freedman, Max C.
artist - Bill Haley And The Comets

Convert name: something like "Text file - tag (2)"
Source file: "Songdata.txt"

There are some (but rare) cases, when practical to use embedded cue sheets: long (for example, full disc length) mixes like Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers, Hooked on classics, and so on. Foobar2000 let me use the SONGWRITER tag for every track independently:


TITLE "Rock around the clock"
PERFORMER "Bill Haley And The Comets"
SONGWRITER "Freedman, Max C."
REM GENRE Ringpörög (R&R)
REM COMMENT Bill Haley And The Comets 1952. Gigliola Cinquetti 1982.
INDEX 01 02:44:36

After adding CUESHEET tag in Foobar2000, there will tags in the file:

CUE_TRACK05_ARTIST: Bill Haley And The Comets
CUE_TRACK05_COMMENT: Bill Haley And The Comets 1952. Gigliola Cinquetti 1982.

Now I must to rename manually all tags CUE_TRACKxx_SONGWRITER to CUE_TRACKxx_COMPOSER. In one disc mix may be more than 50 tracks...
The above methode (Text file - Tag in format %tagname% - %tagvalue%) would be big help. Is it possible by any way? Or, maybe, mass redacting tags' names.

You may adapt this to your needs ...

Rename Tagfield

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)
Source format __: %FIELDNAME%+++
Guessing pattern: %FIELDNAME_NEW%+++%FIELDNAME%

This is a procedure to copy the value from old to new tag-field and remove old field, in one action.


Yes, I did it so. Thank you, Detlev!

If somebody need it:
Correction at embedded cuesheet.mta

It corrects for tracks 1-99:

  2. ...then splits fields CUE_TRACKxx_COMPOSER and CUE_TRACKxx_ARTIST by separator ";" or "; " (Foobar2000 uses this type delimiter).

I do not understand ... please explain ...
where is the guessing principle ...

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values) Source format __: [%cue_track01_composer%;]%cue_track01_songwriter% Guessing pattern: %cue_track01_composer%

Isn't it the same result as action "Format value"?

Actiontype 5: Format value

Field ______: CUE_TRACK01_COMPOSER
Formatstring: [%cue_track01_composer%;]%cue_track01_songwriter%


Truly, I was not shure, that I understood your proposal, but anyway, it gave me an excellent idea - so I decided not to abuse your time. :smiley: I did the action set for the first track, then multiplied it with Excel.

Explained: the second problem is, that CUESHEET doesn't let me use multiple values. It's interesting for me (from available ones in cuesheet) in ARTIST and COMPOSER tags. (Really, in genre too, but it's too difficult in this situation, because of Foobar's behavior with multiple genre.) So in this action set I solved these 2 problems: renaming + multiple values (considering, that Foobar uses semicolon as delimiter).

  1. Because of cue limits, I was must to fill multiple values in one line (PERFORMER "Artist1; Artist2"), so first I split ARTIST by semicolon delimiter.
  2. I'm not very sure with ";" or, "; ", so, in any event, remove leading (+trailing) spaces from ARTIST tags after splitting.
  3. For safety (if, accidentaly, I use this action set more than one times) I merge multiple COMPOSER tags (with semicolon).
  4. Add new (if exists) SONGWRITER values to merged COMPOSER tag.
  5. Split renewed COMPOSER tag.
  6. As at the second point, remove spaces from COMPOSER tags. Yes, here I did a mistake, I wrote SONGWRITER instead of COMPOSER. After sending this comment I correct it. - EDIT: corrected, uploaded.
  7. Remove SONGWRITER tags.

It works well. First, I make "fake" tracks (little flac files), quantity as needed (totaltracks), because in real .cue file Mp3tag doesn't let me fill fields, not applicable by CUE standard*. Drop them to Mp3tag. In Foobar with text-tool (plugin) get all values from .cue file, and fill them into files in Mp3tag with Text file -> Tag function. Fill and change all needed tags in Mp3tag, as I want. Export the values (in Mp3tag) in cue sheet format. Delete these temporary (fake) .flac files. Drop the real (big, not splitted) .flac file into Foobar and add the maked .cue file to CUESHEET tag. Go back to Mp3tag, and run my action set. Then get the value of CUESHEET tag (= the embedded cue), and in txt redactor (EditPad) with regex-replace remove all SONGWRITER lines; then fill back this cleaned CUESHEET to tag. (This is for safety in Foobar, for not let him to confuse anyway values from tags and values from embedded cue sheet.) That's all, I'm ready.

Now in the file there are all tags, as I want: renamed (COMPOSER instead of SONGWRITER) and splitted (CUE_TRACK01_ARTIST: "Artist1" + CUE_TRACK01_ARTIST: "Artist2" + CUE_TRACK01_ARTIST: "Artist3"...). Now, if anything I want to correct or add, Foobar does it well, respects multiple fields (if FLAC, of course).

* But I must to use these tags, because of my Tool sets in Mp3tag. For example, sending request to Wikipedia with song name, in case of pop music I add the word " song" after the title; but in case of classical music I add composer's name, instead. The critery, is the track pop or classic, I store in CONTENTGROUP tag (with values "pop", "orchestral", "concerto", "chamber", and so on), so I need this tag too, despite it's not in CUE standard. Excuse me for so long explain. My english is coughed, so I never know exactly, was I clear enough or not. :smiley: