Text File -> Tag Same Directory?

Since this is my first post I would just like to say that I love this TAGGER. I was researching on how to write my own, and stumbled upon this site. I instantly stopped my codding, and started using this amazing tagger. There is one feature that would be really nice. My music directories are set up as so...


Inside of that album it contains the following files:

  • The MP3 Tracks
  • Album Art (Usually JPG)
  • Track List

So all the information about that album is in there...Now as for my suggest feature...

When you are selecting what album art to use it puts you in your current directory when selecting. It is really nice and convenient to me because of my directory setup. Now would it be possible to do the same when relabeling the tag?

So when I click "Text File -> Tag", and click the "..." it goes to the directory I am currently in. That way I only have to click enter. That way it would be just as easy as my album art ^_^

Thank You,

If you clear the filename field before clicking on "..." it opens the current folder.