Text File to Tag, album art, weird timings


I'm new to the forum but not to MP3 tag! I've been using it for about a year and will continue to do so it's that good. Thanks for the work put into it.

I have a few questions. I've checked with the search engine but couldn't find answers to my questions. I think that I'm posting in the right place but if I'm not, sorry! And sorry if these subjects have been broached elsewhere - I couldn't find them.

Bear in mind that I use Media Monkey for listening to the music and to synchronise on to my Samsung R0 play (never had a problem, contrary to it's reputation!), and I listen mainly to FLACs and MP3, and some WMA.

So here goes:

When I want to rename files using Text File to Tag, the programme doesn't always go and look for the .txt file in the folder containing the mp3s. It defaults from the last folder I used to make a change on another set of songs. Is it possible to force the programme to do so every time? If not I haven't been able to work out why sometimes it defaults in the right place and why most of the time it doesn't. There doesn't seem to be a pattern. Concerns FLAC, MP3, WMA.

Sometimes (again I can't see a pattern) some songs in a list have weird timings (a three minute song is displayed as being 59 minutes long!) Sometimes these timings are shown in Media Monkey too - but not always. Either way the songs play properly. I get the impression that it's just MP3s. I noticed this during the summer - it never happened before. Yet there was no update and I didn't change anything on my computer in any major way that I can think of.

Is there a way to ask the programme to default the album cover to "Front" or "Cover", instead of "Back". I take it it picks alphabetically and yet I've unclicked "don't display first image from file directory as cover art."

Thanks for reading.


Usually this means that the mp3-header is corrupt (for whatever reason). Use a program like foobar2000 or mp3val to have the header rebuilt. Afterwards the timing should be fine.

Lucky you. Usually the random search does not work anymore and you have to listen to the track in full without the possibility to fast forward or rewind.
Anyway: as soon as the timing is correct the random search should work again.

To my experience every embedded albumart becomes a front cover until you explicitly select a different type.
Or does this question relate to an external picture?

Thanks, Ohrenkino, for the answers.

For the album art I forgot to mention that in the case in hand, if there are several images in the folder (I often have Front, back, booklet ... photos) it'll pick the first alphabetically. So if I don't bother manually changing the image I have concerts with the "back.jpg" as the album art. I saw a programme (I forget which one - could be Foobar) that's let's you define different image types (front, back, Cd, artist ...) and associate certain words with these types (for example front.jpg or
cover.jpg for the album art).

What about the problem with the text list?