Text File With Tags to Tags In mp3 Files

I have about 2,000 mp3 files that do not have tag or meta data about the music in the file. The files are organized on my Windows10 PC with about 50 mp3 files in a directory or folder.

For each mp3 file I have created tags - Path (including file name), Title, Artist, Album, Year and Gene in a spreadsheet. I can create a text file (*.txt) with an appropriate separator " ; " with the tags for a single mp3 file each on a separate line in the text file.

  1. Is the order of the tags in the text file important to the MP3TAG tool?
  2. Should the path for the mp3 file be the first item in a line of text or the last item in a line of text.
  3. Are the "%_path%" placeholders in the Convert | Text file - Tag tool? If not, why not?
  4. I have looked for a tutorial or help before creating this conversation but I have not located one. A step by step tutorial or help topic (including appropriate images would be helpful).

Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

The MP3TAG "bot" was fun to interact with when I created my account several days ago but what I think was the final step in the "introduction" I was unable to complete. A "bug" perhaps?


1.) No
2.) Doesn't matter
3.) The most important part is that your "Format string" in Convert Text file -> Tag EXACTLY matches the tags in your textfile in the position.

If your text file looks like this
c:\temp\My Artist\My Album\2022\01 - My Title.mp3;My Title;My Artist;My Album;2022;Pop
then your formatstring must look like this:

If you mix your formatstring or the elements doesn't match the number of entries in your text file, the import will not work.

Please backup your files before you apply such a mass change!
Try the import for only 1 or 2 album first to be sure that it works as expected.

Additional note:
The semicolon will only work, if none of your values in your textfile contains such a ; in its string.
If you have a value with something like "My Album; or so; is wonderful" then your import will break at this point. You should choose a delimiter where you are absolutely sure that it can not be inside your values.
Something like § or |

Thank you for your thoughtful response to my questions.

I indeed will do extensive testing on small numbers of files before moving on to larger groups.

I have search the meta data/tag columns in the spreadsheet for the delimiter I will use.

To save MP3tag's honour and that it does not hide its functions and features, I add some information from a source that was apparently not in the focus.

The help can either be accessed by pressing F1 or in the internet under

The answer can be found in the help

Matching files from text file to file list in Mp3tag

%_filename_ext% or %_path% are used to ensure the correct file gets tagged. Use %_filename_ext% if you have lots of files in one folder. Use %_path% if you have many folders each containing files. If you do not use either of these tags, mp3tag will simply work through the text file one line at a time, applying changes to each selected file in turn. It is possible that tags will be applied to the wrong files if the selected files and the text file are in a different order.

I don't understand this question.