Text Formatting Issue


Should return bold for the "&S"

I have to put a space before & "Relea &S" for it to work.
Can I not bold each individual letter.

This is important for me. I'm editing my beatport starting post and want to highlight each letter like so. See it encounters problems when there's no space prior to the bold syntax.


Use scripts for this type below:

Use ALT+S+Then the letter in BOLD below to fire up the script you want.

RELEASE Direct by &Www(URL).src
RELEASE Direct by www(URL) - &Genre + Title Only.src
RELEASE Direct by www(URL) - Without &Comment, Genre, Initial key Tags.src
RELEASE Search by &Artist.src
RELEASE Search by &Filename.src
RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + &Release.src
RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + &Title.src
RELEASE Search by Relea**&Se.src
RELEASE Search by Titl

Also, is there documentation on this formatting to allow underlining, color etc?

Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML to format.

Relea<b>&S</b>e gives Relea&Se

HTML text doesn't work with colour. (Had to put these in block code for you to see exact text)

<p><span style="color: #99cc00;"><span style="background-color: #00ffff;">asdasdasdasda</span><span style="background-color: #00ffff;">asdasd</span></span></p>

Nor does BBCODE with colour.

<color=#ff00>Red text and </color><color=#3399ff>blue text!</color>

Maybe this is disabled?

This is now fixed when wrapped with ** thisisboldtext

Yes, I've did some further research and it doesn't seem to be possible out of the box.

There is a dedicated plugin for BBCode colors, but as I'm not a big fan of color formatting, I'd kindly ask you to use standard formatting options first.

Yeah, I just done my starting post for beatport scripts as I updated them.

You're 110% correct here. I see your point, looks slicker when you think about it.

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