Text to tag question by newbie

I'm new to mp3 tag (yesterday) and I tried to search the boards for this answer first. I had a hard time finding out how to do this, so I decided to sign up and make a post.

I have alot of cd's which playlist are over the internet but can't be found by gracenote or freedb, so i decided to try mp3tag. I copied the playlists and saved them as text files. They look like this--

  1. Intro Bounty Killer feat. Vybz Kartel
  2. Bruk Buddy [remix] Vybz Kartel
  3. Tempted To Touch [re-fix] Chef
  4. Last Drop Spragga Benz

I can not figure out how to use the convert text file to tag command so that each seperate text goes into the right field. What I mean by this is that in the first track, the track name is Intro, the artist name is Bounty Killer ft. Vybz Kartel and the track number is 1. How do you get this information into the right field.

It's not possible because there is no clear marker between Title and Artist.
If it was:

  1. Intro - Bounty Killer feat. Vybz Kartel
    the formatstring would be:
    %track%. %title% - %artist%

Pone, I made the changes that you suggested and lets just say I LOVE YOU (in a completely hetero sexual way :smiley: )