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I have many songs with %TITLE% = Artist - Title

I want to set %ARTIST% = Artist, and %TITLE% = Title

How can I do this using Format Converter or any other tool?
To avoid mistakes as eating Artist names like "Lady ga-ga", the separator is " - ".

Thanks in advance.

PS: mp3tag is an amazing software!

Wooo I got it.. after some heavy maneuvers I got it!

You might want to post your solution to let other people learn also.

I doubt someone will ever need this but let's go.

The songs were as below:
Artist: Various - Singles
Title: DJ Antoine - Welcome To St. Tropez

I copied the %title% to some bullshit tag like %lyricist% as a backup.
On replace with regular expression I converted %title% to $2 on expression (.) - (.)
Then I copied %lyricist% to %artist%.
Then I did the same thing on replace with regular expression but with $1.


You could transfer the data without the fussing about with a "bullshit tag" by using actions of the type "Import tag field".
You start with %artist% and the mask
%albumartist% - %album%
and continue with the same type of action only this time for %title%:
%artist% - %title%