Textfile --> tags allowed characters?

I am unsure of the limitations of this function and am trying to become more sure of them so that I can correctly format my input file.
I have the following for an input file (2 sample lines):

23 - Losing My Religion - (from Out of Time) – 4:43
24 - Country Feedback - (Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe, Bob Dylan) (from Out of Time) – 5:25

If I use this 'Format string' in the dialog:
%track% - %title% - %comment%

I get what I am looking for, which is:
track: 23
title: Losing My Religion
comment: (from Out of Time) – 4:43

track: 24
title: Country Feedback
comment: (Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe, Bob Dylan) (from Out of Time) – 5:25

BUT, if I use:
%track% - %title% - %comment% - %dummy%

it cannot be parsed.

Is there a limit to how many -s I can use in the input file? Possibly I am missing some more subtle error somewhere else in the input file?

Related question: Are -,,/ the only delimiters that I can use in an input line? I tried using the parentheses as delimiters, for example - (%comment%) and it could not be parsed. Is that supposed to be a limitation? If so, not a big deal at all....I am just trying to standardize how I need to massage the input file.so that it works correctly.

Thank you very much for the help!


The dash before the time is not a simple hyphen-minus - U+002D but an en dash U+2013.

Welp, I went through and manually changed all of those last '-'s to regular dashes (on the keyboard below the '_') and it worked just fine! Thank you for that, Crissoiv! I guess I can see a slight difference between the dashes. How did you know that was the problem? Are your eyes just more attuned to that issue than mine?
Now I will know to keep an eye out for that type of thing.

You could have used it in the expression, %track% - %title% - %comment% – %dummy%.

In fixed-width fonts, the difference in width is hard to see, but in your initial quote it was quite obvious for me.