TGF - Discogs script


I know this is very Off-Topic but I hope someone in this forum is familiar with the discogs scipt in TGF (TheGodFather) and can help me with my problem since the official TGF forum is not really active any more.
I'm working on my discogs script but I ran into a little problem i can't seem to solve. I want the label information to be displayed in the composer tagfield. but using

if on_FindRow( iRow, 0, 'Label:', slMain ) then on_setComposer( on_cleanHTMLLine( slMain.Strings[ iRow + 1 ] ) );

doesn't seem to work. TGF doesn't seem to like the "on_setComposer". any help would be highly appreciated.

Sorry, this is definitely not the place to get support for competing products.