Thank. You. All

HUGE thank you to everybody involved in the community and another to those involved building of the MP3TAG (as a growing,updating product) as well! If not for you, I would have taken MONTHS of time getting through my library... And that would be with no time (outside of work, eating and sleeping hours) dedicated to any other activity.

I'm proud to say I've completed a formatting set that does everything I need it to in order to fit my own desires of tag layout with the help of the members of this forum. Special thanks to @ohrenkino as well as @Crissov for their help as well as several OP's that I used the ideas of in order to get my own ideas together.

The results speak for themselves:

I'll be sticking around on the forum. I still will surely ask for advice, as I need to iron out my formatting action set, but for the time being I have found this to be more than acceptable.

This wouldn't have reached any conclusion without your help everybody, so again, Thank you.
- K. Kramer