Thank you for this app!!

omg.. i have a crazy huge library, actually several libraries of songs from the last 18 years and mp3tag has made my task of finally meta-tagging/organizing my music so much easier!

i just registered to say thank you! and here's a quick regular expression i am using to save me about 50 hours of manual re-taging.

(Album title rename to remove "012 # AlbumTitle" to "AlbumTitle")
Replace Regular Expression:
Regular expression: ^\s*[0-9]+\s*#\s*

also wanted to fully remove and clean up cover art since I have to use Sony's Media Go app to import art so it shows on my NWZ-A17 (which i love!!), total software/firmware bug but didn't want to wait to fix.

Created this as an action and ran on my smaller 6,200 file library. go actions!!!
Thanks again for this app! i will be donating this week.

I greatly appreciate this software as well, and an idea came to mind about getting the titles and the name of the singer to the songs from Shazam.

1- the question that I have is, is there a way to connect MP3TAG directly to Shazam, where you select the songs that you have maybe downloaded from you tube, and then have the software go to Shazam and collect all the info and save them in MP3TAG?

2- is there a way to move contents of different fields among them-self, for example, I have songs that had all the information entered manually, old songs, if I want to organize them, and move the data from the title to the comment, or from the Artist to Album, do you have a function that you can select the source field to be copied to other fields?

1 - AFAIU shazam you get a song title and stuff back once you have contacted them. So you can do it directly, right?

2 - there is an action of the type "Format value" where you can select a target field, e.g. ALBUM.
Enter as format string: %artist%
The field ALBUM gets the data from the field ARTIST.
Even combinations are possible.

I think mp3tag is a fantastic app also!

For regular expression help there is a great interactive site. Type regexer into your search engine. Or

You can paste in an example of your own text source and then fiddle with the regex engine to see what results you get.