Thanks and a feature request to open several folders

Hi all

I've had MP3Tag (free, portable version) on my PC for several years but never gotten round to using it much - until recently. I had some complex tasks I wanted to do and was amazed that MP3Tag could do them easily! Wonderful, wonderful tool, thank you - and I shall now pay for it :slight_smile:

So - a question and a feature request:
Question: Apart from explorer integration and where they store config data, is there any functional difference between the pportable and standard versions? Any extra functionality in the standard version? If not, I'll stick with the portable one since it serves all my needs - but I wouldn't want to miss out on any features.

Request: Would it be possible to be able to open multiple folders, from different locations on my PC, in the app at the same time? For example - I have a top level folder for 'Music' and another for 'Music to edit'. Both contain subfolders called e.g. 'Beatles', and I'd like to be able to see all my Beatles tracks (and no others) at the same time.

(UPDATE): I realised you can already, by ctrl-dragging multiple folders!


Or with Ctrl-H "Add folder" from the File menu or the toolbar.

The portable version won't leave any traces on your system. You can also install it on a USB stick.
If you like to try the newest Mp3tag development versions or if you like to test multiple different versions in parallel, the portable variant is your best friend.

But NO, there is no functional difference - beside the obvious missing explorer integration in the portable version.

Ah - I wondered whether the standard version had an option to store info in a database, to save having to read 48,000 files anew every time!

[UPDATE] I'm being stupid. That's what the 'library' is for - I just discovered that option. Ignore me, I'll go away and stop beng an idiot.

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MP3tag will read all the files in the set start folders.
The library only helps to skip those files that have not been modified since the last load.
Also, the library helps to load a lot of files as it stores the memory consuming pictures.
Files being read for the first time take equally long with and without library. The repeated loading of unmodified files goes quicker.
You find the library in the data folder.

In addition to @ohrenkino's explanation:
The Mp3tag library is available in both versions, the portable and the installed one.
You can activate or disable it in both versions.

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